Thursday, October 26, 2017

Update on Polygon DH Frame (Version DHX)

Valentine's day, and i got a new 'girlfriend'

Having FUN.. meet new friends from FRA AUS CAN and testing this 2014 polygon DH bike

Testing the 2014 polygon DH bike at eastern java steep track.. fun and fast!

FEB 19, 2013

*small update* the new model year frame will get this molded downtube & chainstay protector plus built-in fork bumper, along with other small tweaks..
I've got some of the parts and mounted them to my bike.. it's compatible (except for the fork bumpers mount)

DT Protector DHc

also there will be an official announcement for the WC team partnership tomorrow..

SEP 27, 2013

After 1 season on smallish S size, finally got my 'factory' frame :

hello nice to eat you

ready to eat you

the angles are different, but suspension felt about the same.. 62.5 HA without angleset, and wheelbase is longish 1240mm (10mm 888 drop)

my RC4 (pre 2013) settings = BO -2 turns from max volume. HSC and LSC 2 turns from fully open. (match the 888 but for 40 and boxxer you might need more LSC HSC)


OCT 04, 2013

my Stealthy Shadow.. R2Q5

DEC 01, 2013

Frame #03, with updated geo, bb module, cable route, headtube length and ZS56 standard (from 55mm)

frame 03

The wheelbase is 1225mm at short rear axle setting (about 1230mm at middle)

Spent some time riding this animal and only minor issue, mostly all good and the geometry is close to perfect for me.. 

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