Thursday, October 26, 2017

Bismojo's subjective review : Polygon DH Frame (Version DH2.0)

My Polygon DH ready to ride..

Well I have some friends asking me how this frame rides.. and here's my *subjective* short term (3 months usage) review. 

Note : I've had 2006-2011 demo and still have 2008 sunday for comparison, and ridden some of current crop DH bikes (V10c/Phoenix/Glory/Wilson/Revolt/9.9/etc but haven't tried my friends' zerode). 
Once again this is my *subjective* review.

My Polygon DH amp Friends

My Polygon DH amp Friends

our polygon DH2.0

My Polygon DH amp Friends

my ballistic - with keronite boxxer


My polygon frame (size small) is about the same geo as small sunday (static 440mm rear, +10mm bb, forgot the toptube sorry, 1140mm wheelbase) but with 64deg HA as standard.


The so called FSS2's wheelpath seems more rearward (tough i haven't had time to make linkage template) - more square edge bump compliant than my sunday (same RC4 + RWC Needle bearing kit) but I can also feel more 'kick' somehow reminds me of my old intense 6.6, when pedaling. It sits quite high in it's travel during cornering (more like sunday than demo) even with RC4's LSC wide open. 


I've added +1 angleset and now the wheelbase is 1160mm at 62,75deg HA (due to very short head tube, 100mm) and compared to my 63,50'ed sunday is a little bit slacker but the COG feels lower (just like a 2011 demo) - i can carry more speed through turns and bumps but again, doesn't pedal as well as demo or sunday. Overall for me the bike can be setup agile. The balance is somehow better with fox40 than a keronite boxxer IMHO.


I have to check my scale photos again for front/rear triangle and linkage parts details, but it's about 5.2 Kilos for frameset (w/ RC4 and steel spring) small, powder coated. Of course I made mine a little bit lighter (BB module holes, shortened seat tube, etc)


Of course nothing is perfect, and this frame still has some little issues that hopefully can be updated in next version : shock removal/access/compatibility and cable routing (I've modified the RD hose route and will give some inputs to the designer, who is actually my friend)


Considering the 'underdog-ness' this frame is quite good and potent actually. And that's not even considering the low price yet. I love mine.. Smile 

mixed sequence berm shoot

*will be updated. cheers.

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